In order to achieve a Letter for Visual Arts Achievement at Pomona High School, students must achieve all of the following during the course of one school year and uploaded by May 1:
Attend 3 Gallery Visits over one year, including; Art Exhibits, Artist Studios, Galleries, Museums, etc. Each visit must include a response to the show overall, with the student’s reactions to at least one particular piece, and how it might affect their own work. It can also include information on presentation, positioning, lighting, etc. Make sure to include a photo!
Each student must attend two consecutive semesters of art at Pomona High School, earning a B passing grade or higher in those classes. List which two classes you took and your final grade.
Each Student interested in earning a letter must create a commission piece for a Staff Member that is exhibited in the school during the year, either as an individual, or as a collaborative project. This exhibit may include the staff members workspace or it may be on general exhibit in the school. Include a picture of the work on exhibit
Create an online presence such as a webpage, blog, or a youtube channel, on an artistic site (Such as weebly, Instagram or TikTok etc.) that includes all of their artwork done during the year. Include a link to the site
Each Student must at least enter 1 art piece in the Pomona Young Masters Art Show during the year they want to earn a letter. Include pictures of the work you submit

Students will be responsible for uploading all of the above-text, pictures, links, videos are all welcome, to this Pomona Visual Arts Lettering google classroom. Join code: zuwhduv

Create ONE entry and continue to edit it to add all your experiences throughout the year. See previous years for examples.
Visual arts staff will notify you and present your letter/pin if you accomplish all tasks by the May 1 due date.

Look at a bunch of art, make a bunch of art, talk a bunch about your art!